Is there any other way to control the player's camera besides Localscript?

I am currently building a system that will allow me to monitor distant areas from a command center.
I have created a script that sets the player’s camera to the CFrame of the surveillance camera when clicking on certain parts, but it does not work well because the surveillance camera is not within the streaming range.
Is there any way to control the player’s camera from a script in the workspace instead of the localscript?

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The player’s camera only exists locally, so no. You cannot manipulate the player’s camera on serverside.

To answer your question though, I would go with remoteevents.


I don’t know any way to control a local camera of a client using anything else than a local script.
Your issue is that the camera is way too far from the player so its not working? or am I misunderstanding?

RemoteEvent is already in use.
The problem is that the surveillance camera is located far from the command center (up to 20000 studs away), so the special case parts of the surveillance camera model are not loaded.
I learned that there is a way to bypass StreamingEnabled by cloning the entire folder containing the model from ReplicatedStorage, so I tried that, but I could not work around it.

I want to set the player camera to the CFrame of the “Main” part of the Camera model, but the Camera model is too far away to load.

Is it possible to bring the player near to the main part that should use the camera? you know changing the player’s position near to the part position? or player should kinda “stay” in the original spot?
If thats the issue, fake a “clone” of the player, putting that model in the original position of where the player should stand while using the cameras, and “teleport” the real player near the spot of the camera he’s using

What does this mean?

It was found that when ModelStreaming is set to President, StreamingEnabled is not affected.
However, we ended up with an empty space being projected because the parts around the camera were not loaded. :rofl:

If player is near those parts, the parts still not loading/being visible :roll_eyes:?

As a result, we solved the problem by embedding the player in the ground near the surveillance camera and weld.

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Set the replication focus instead of this nonsense.

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I never knew such a method existed!
thank you!

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