Is there any other way to make a player hold out an item?

In my new game, click detectors are really important for how the game works. But now, I want to include a torch that the player has to hold constantly. Right now, I’m making the player hold out a tool to achieve this. However, there’s an issue because tools mess up with the click detectors. Is there a different method to achieve what I want to do?

Example of the tool system I’m currently using:

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Disable ManualActivationOnly on ur tool

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It was disabled to begin with, I tried turning it on and off and it didnt work either way.

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You can try welding it to hand of the character and and set the torch’s part position or primary part position if it’s a model (With “Model:PivotTo()”.) To the Arm and maybe add a offset to make appear in the player’s hand.

And I think you can play an animation to make the player hold out the touch.

Put an invisible button as a ScreenGui instead.