Is there any save of 2018's core gui?

I’m currently working on a game that represents how roblox was like in 2018. Searching through the devforum and internet, the closest I even got was a 2016 core gui, but still not the 2018 one. I know there isnt much differences between 2016’s and 2018’s other then stuff like the health bar not showing when you have full health. But I still don’t know how to make those! Please let me know if you have any save!

Edit: I also accept any 2017 core guis as there isn’t really a difference in them vs 2018 either. And I dont mind about the escape button as that’s not able to be disabled.

This one doesn’t appear to have been updated in 3 years.

Looking through, ill mark this reply as solution if this is good!

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1 question, how do i get this into roblox studio? It seems i can only download this and i dont know how i can import or something.

You can download a .zip but you’d have to manually import everything.

So basically, how would i import it into studio with the .zip? I never have seen how you could do this.

Don’t think you can, you’d have to manually import it.

Searched and couldn’t really find how i could import the .lua files into studio, could you show me how?


Mac: Right click → Open With… → TextEdit

PC: Right click → I think there’s an option like “open using…” → Notepad

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