Is there any way I can improve this SCI-FI door?

Hello, I wanted to provide an update on the progress of my SCPF project. I have recently completed a Blast Door and am now working on a Sliding Door. I am going for a SCI-FI style design and would appreciate any feedback on how to improve it. Please note that I rushed the design, so there may be some elements that look out of place. Thank you.


This door looks honestly awesome! Maybe try adding some details on it, maybe one that says “WARNING.” I think that would make it look better.


Could you possibly show a 45° view of the door? Looks awesome!

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Maybe you can add some little red neon line on the side

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Maybe consider adding some interlocking features.

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It already looks pretty good! If you really want to go full in on the details, I would suggest adding the smallest details like screws or bolts.

Also try taking inspiration from a real life source.

Edit: Custom materials are fun too.

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Animations and sound effects are also cool as well!

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Looks amazing. The door frame is missing, which could possibly include the keycard.

man, that sky is amazing though

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Well the frame is there, I think I Just made it blend in. But thanks for the compliment!