Is there any way I can remove he shoulder cam from roblox's gun pack without breaking the model?

Hey! I am trying to use roblox’s guns pack for a gam and have came across some issues with the shoulder cam. I was able to edit the script to disable the camera when the player unequipped the weapon but many other issues were found all relating to the shoulder camera. Heres a link to one of the weapons in the pack AR weapon pack


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Ah man, this is like the 100th time someone’s using it lol.

Go to the WeaponsSystem folder, Go to WeaponSystem module script

Delete line 187 or 188 (around there, the point is to delete the line which makes the camera true)

Then insert a localscript in the gun, put this code in:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local WeaponsSystem = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("WeaponsSystem")
local weaponModule = require(WeaponsSystem:WaitForChild("WeaponsSystem")) 
local camera = workspace.Camera = false
camera.CameraSubject = script.Parent 
weaponModule.normalOffset =,0,0)
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Thanks! But one issue is it ends up a little bit weird-looking.
If you know any tutorials or anything that could help that would be great!
it won’t let me upload a video but I’ll explain as best I can.

Basically it shoots in one direction and the UI crosshair is still in the middle all weird which is extremely hard to figure out how to fix lol.

Anyways I’m not gonna ask you to make all the changes and give them to me or something I’m just wondering if you know any tutorials!

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Check this video out:

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