Is there any way to achieve consistent player/hitbox sizes with R15?

Hey guys. I am currently developing an FPS game in which the player can use their own avatar. This aspect of the game is concrete - and a pre-set avatar is not an option. The problem I’m facing is that there are players taking advantage of very small package bundles to make their player sizes extremely small and thus their hitboxes are very small as well. The way I see it, my only option here is to go through and blacklist all of these bundles from the game, and if a player is wearing one of these when they join it will be taken off. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal solution, so I’d love to hear input from anyone who could propose another solution.

Thank you!

Create a hitbox based off of the HumanoidRootPart. You might need to disable custom scaling so that all rigs are the same size and don’t raise or lower the HumanoidRootPart’s position but a hitbox can be universal to all rigs and you can check for hits against a character by said box instead of the actual parts that the character are comprised of.

This is a good idea but there’s a few issues. First, even with fixed scaling values (set in game settings, unless there’s some other way to disable custom scaling) rig part sizes and hip height/humanoidrootpart position are different among bundles. Secondly, I deal damage based off of the limb so headshots do more damage etc. With a single hotbox I wouldn’t really be able to do that. And lastly, this sort of ties in with the last issue but when users are crouching, sprinting, etc. and they get hit on an extremity like the hand which may be, at the moment in the animation, far away from the body, it wouldn’t register.

It’s fairly simple, make a script in which the player will spawn in the game as either R6, or R15 (whichever you want) and a certain scale. Therefore the player’s avatar will not appear as extremely small, while their avatar may look weird, it’s better than having them cheat because of their avatar.

Do you mean resizing the limbs myself?

Just insert a script in which you just have to put in the scale of the limbs of all avatars.