Is there any way to add the topbar inset into the preview in studio

I’m making a Ui for the game, and i’m trying to get the accurate size how it will look like on phone.
Because i cannot simply view how the gui will look like with the topbar inset, the sizing get’s wrong

How can i enable it?


How are you replying so fast.

i mean i want to see the the inset in the preview in roblox studio and i dont want to ignore it

Wouldn’t that be seen automatically? That’s the default.

here’s with inset (Phone)

and here’s without (Studio)

Ah yeah, I’m not too good with interface and stuff so I guess someone else will have to help. Sorry for the bad answers.

still, thank you for trying to help me

Studio can’t simulate this inset during designing.

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why don’t roblox just add it? this thing is always on our phones and pc’s
why cant we just view it?

Idk. I personally never had need in it being showed during designing.