Is there any way to ask the player to pay for game access from inside a free game?

I’ve made several free experiences, and decided to try making the next a paid one.

Now that the paid game is done, I wanted to promote it from inside of my free games. When the player would reach the end of my free games, I wanted to offer them the option to pay to play the sequel. But I could find no way to prompt the player to pay for the sequel and then teleport them there.

I tried two things. First just plain teleporting the player with game["Teleport Service"]:Teleport and pass the place ID of the paid game as argument. I was hoping the teleport service would initiate a flow that would tell the player something like “this is a paid game which costs 90 robux to access, pay?”, but instead I just got a screen saying “attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted”.

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 0.59.21

Back to the drawing board. Next, I thought that maybe I could prompt the player to purchase access first using the marketplace service. Perhaps a paid game is considered a product? Sadly, when I tried game.MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase with either the paid game place ID or experience ID, both just resulted in an error.

Is there any way to ask the player to pay for game access from inside a free game?

No, but roblox should add this as a feature. You can only promote models, clothing, hats, etc inside your game. I would just advertise the paid game inside of your free one with decals or something.

(You also can’t do “PromptProductPurchase” because its a game and not a developer product.")


Not exactly what you want, but you could make a gamepass that the user must own or the server kicks them out of the second game. This does mean anyone can join it, but they’d be instantly kicked for not owning the gamepass. It’s just a bandaid solution though, I’m surprised roblox doesn’t have this already.

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This is the closest thing you can get to making what you want. I suggest doing this if you really want to, but it would mean you would earn less.

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That’s an interesting idea, but I worry the ratings would be terrible as most people would go in, give up and then do a thumbs down when they get back to the game page. Might still work, but yeah it’s not exactly an elegant experience.

I agree it does seems that Roblox is leaving money on the table by not having this feature, but I’m sure there’s a million different things competing for their attention.

Yeah, you could even prompt them for the gamepass when they enter the game instead of kicking them instantly.

I mean, hey. This wouldn’t be roblox without some unadded features would it? :rofl:

Wait you mean sell a gamepass for the paid game from inside the free game? You can sell a gamepass for a game that isn’t the one currently being played?

The gamepass idea where it kicks them out if they don’t have the gamepass is probably the best you can do. Also, if you trigger the teleport and you don’t have the gamepass, it should show a gui that says something like “hey, you gotta pay for this, do you wanna do that now?”

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Yeah you can sell any gamepass from any game in your game afaik:

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