Is there any way to bevel an object such as a half circle or a curve


I am currently trying to make a cartoony house and need to add a few finishing touches. I’ve been trying to bevel the door.
This is the house.

Of course, with the Bevel plugin you cannot do this, and as you can see in the picture I tried to just bevel a single part then using the Archimedes plugin to create the curve for the doorframe. Of course, I can also use a half circle that is cut out.

I downloaded blender again today and tried beveling a curve and a half circle, none of them seemed to show anything. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I can bevel a cylinder, but if I put that in studio and try to cut it out then I don’t think it’ll work.

Are there any features in blender where I can cut stuff out? If there is any way I could bevel it, please respond!

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It’s not entirely clear what you mean by “beveling a curve and half circle”. It’s also hard to tell what’s “wrong” with the door in the picture, or what exactly went wrong with beveling there.

I think the feature you may be looking for and should look up is the “Intersect Boolean” operation in Blender.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

So this is the current attempt at “beveling” a curve in studio:
What do I mean by beveling? Curving/Rounding the corners and edges.
Like this:
So I want to curve/round the edges and corners of a curve.

So Intersect Boolean removes all volume not shared by the two objects selected. I will be trying this out, thank you. I think this will solve this:

Bevel in studio would just be tonnes of negatives to make the edge smooth. Blender has a system to bevel (Just need to select edges, bevel to side wanted and use scroll wheel)

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