Is there any way to bypass the ROBLOX discord api ban? (Webhooks)

When I try sending a request to it responds with 403 (Forbidden), indicating me that they banned ROBLOX requests.

Any way to bypass that? Maybe a website that redirects webhooks? I really don’t want to use any other service than discord to be honest.

(It works in studio but not ingame)

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I know there is a website ( I see that in dev forum post ) you can search it

What website is that?

Try WebhookProxy ( Works fine for me.

Use this. It’s trustworthy and reliable and won’t get you in any trouble from Discord or Roblox. Also super easy to use. :thumbsup:

Thanks to both of you (@Nolas154_YT and @bvetterdays) :slight_smile:

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This is the post that I was searching for to tell you