Is there any way to check if a player has a verified badge?

I’m creating custom nametags for my game and I think it would look really cool for a verified badge to show up next to a verified player’s name.

I’ve tried looking through Player Properties and there doesn’t seem to be any posts about this.

Is this even a feature on Studio at the moment?

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No, I dont think so, there isnt a feature yet. Pray for one I guess

Default nametags?

jailbreak has done that but they just use a basic nametag if thats what you mean


Well thats sad.
also these are the default roblox nametags

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Try looking into roblox web api, you have to use a proxy or external server for this way.
EDIT 2: My bad this one isn’t outdated

Just found it, you have to do a v1/users/search that returns a table that has a boolean indicating it.

Use Player.HasVerifiedBadge
It’s not documented but it’s there


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