Is there any way to display controller button images?

Hey, so I’m trying to add universal compatibility to my upcoming project.

I don’t necessarily need this functionality, but is there any way I could grab an image provided by ROBLOX to display the control needed to activate a UI element based on the type of controller they have? (playstation or xbox has different button symbols)

Not sure if there’s any API for this or if the only option would be to upload custom images.

To visualize this further, not sure if anybody is familiar with the Fortnite inventory system, where there’s R1/R2 button images on the left and right side of the currently equipped inventory slot, indicating to the player they can rotate through the inventory by pressing those binds.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Even if they did have it, I think it’d be better to upload your own images.

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