Is there any way to duplicate UI within a ScrollingFrame without it messing up?

So I’m trying to create a store where multiple items can be viewed and bought, however, I was originally going to just duplicate every “section” as can be seen in the video I attached but everything just seems to go out of place when I try duplicate an ImageLabel inside of a ScrollingFrame.

My question is is there any way to easily duplicate UI within a ScrollingFrame without it getting re-arranged all over the place? Any plugins or anything?. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Put every item image alongside the buy button and stats in individual frames. Then use a UIGridLayout

Hey, found out about UIGridLayout a few minutes after making this post but it still doesn’t seem to work for me. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Have you changed the cell padding and size?

Yep, I changed the frame background to 0 so I could see and it looks like the frame fits perfectly it’s just the ImageLabels inside that don’t fit into the Frame for some reason.

Did you use scale or offset? It’s odd seeing the property tab closed and toolbox open :sob:

I used scale, I just tried offset and that didn’t work either

Try applying the layout in a script

Use a frame within a scrolling frame to create rows, build the rows, then simply duplicate the finished rows and move them in the order you want? That’s about the easiest and least buggy way I am aware of.