Is there any way to fix texture seams?

I have an issue, my build uses tons of textures, and where a texture meets another texture, there is a very very ugly seam, what should I do to fix this?


Are there gaps between the walls? I get seams sometimes when the position or scale variables on the part change by about .005. Bringing the parts tightly together & neatly aligned could help fix this issue.


No gaps, everything was built on a grid of .1, that’s why this is so irritating to me :upside_down_face:

If the texture is the problem then I think this can help:

Change the values:

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Gnarly, that’s very odd. Are there textures on the sides of the walls too? Textures can bleed through the sides of parts, but I’ve never seen it as noticeable as that.

If that doesn’t work, could you consider sending a .rbxm of those walls and the texture? Might help to actually have it open in studio as reference to help look for issues.

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seam1.rbxm (3.5 KB)

Try breaking the wall into smaller sections each. EG: Half it. Works for me most times.

Alrighty! I managed to mostly fix the issue after messing around a little. I ended up realigning the positions of the walls (which helped a little) and deleted the textures on the sides of the parts. Lastly, I tried offsetting the textures.

I ended up having to offset it at about 2.1, but you’ll probably have to find a slightly different number while you’re finagling with it on your own build.

It’s hard to make textures look perfect but hopefully you can get there :slight_smile: image


Thank you! I’ll definitely do this

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