Is there any way to make gradient bricks in studio?

Hello! I was wondering if there’s any way to make gradient bricks in studio, like shown in the image below:
(Image from Wizard Legends)

Thanks in advance!


The only thing I know with gradient is beam. But I’m not sure if you can do it with bricks.
Try using beam and put it near the brick and make the speed 0. Then you should probably have a gradient table. Hope that solve your problem.

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I’m not sure that would work since it would be hard to create a seamless gradient effect, but thanks for helping!

I’ve used white gradient decals for this type of thing, but the issue is that they only work well for parts - meshes and unions won’t get the same effect. You can simply get an image of a white-to-transparent gradient, then change the color of the decal.

It may take some experimenting to find the best way to do it, but this is the simplest method (that I know of, at least).



(dev of Wizard Legends here)

The rug in the picture does actually not have a gradient - it is the point lights in the room that makes it look that way.

But with that said - a white gradient texture that you affect with the part color is probably the way to go if you want to achieve that.


Il try it out, thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

Alternatively, I’ve seen some interesting takes on using a part’s reflectivity and an interesting SkyBox. This video that I took in a very early stage of a build I was doing really shows off the usefulness of that feature that I had not realized before:

(The quality is much better in game, but it’s grainy here because I wanted it to be a smaller file.)

In the end we decided that the effect was too flashy for the build we were working on, but it’s definitely something I could see being useful here.


Stick with using decals to create your gradient,honestly its been working fine for me for a while. This is the easiest way and most likely the best way to create the least lag in your game. Implementing really good decals in your game allows you to be more efficient as long as it makes the game look better. Though decals is the way to go here, also I think here instead of making a purple gradient you can just create a shadow gradient and have a purple brick so that you can scale it in any way without creating a pixel look.

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stack a lot part colors


Put a SurfaceGUI on the part, add a frame, then add UiGradient


Use gradient Decals and Textures.


You can use a surfaceGui, a textbox, and a uigradient to apply gradients to flat object, it only works for blocks though

I am also wondering how @iZug made the reflectance a rainbow.


Reflectance is based on the skybox texture, swap skybox texture to a rainbow and you get rainbow reflectance.

Might look wierd if you have outdoors in the game though :slight_smile:

Also, using decal + gradient texture will work way better on complex objects.

I would insert a surface gui inside the part, and set the face to the one u want it to be, then insert a frame and set its size to {1,0,1,0}, then insert an UIGradient inside this frame and customize it to however you want! Hope this helped :slight_smile:

You re-opened a one year old thread to basically say what this person did?

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@SmartestDev Idk if you read my post already but that’s pretty messed up what you did, this is a year old and I really don’t know why you decided to say the same thing as me lol.

But I guess I found another workaround, just get a MeshPart and use a texture with a gradient from blender, and apply it on the MeshPart.

Use a frame then put a UIGradient inside it

Its as if you didnt bother to read @BandaidKidd post or anything before that either.

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you can use a surfacegui with ui gradient on it

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