Is there any way to make the client ignore the transparent parts of an imagebutton?

I have an imagebutton that I want to change when I hover on it, but the hovering gets triggered when you hover over the transparent bits of the imagebutton too. Is there any way to stop this?

(I only want the highlighted bit to highlight when hovering over it, but it has transparent bits too that also trigger the highlighting)

you could add a script that checks how far away the cursor is from the circle’s center and only highlight and/or let the button be clickable when it’s at a certain distance

Or put a transparent one in front of it that is also controlling the real one behind it…

Not using a button, and using math is probably your best bet.

Use the angle from the center of the screen, and the distance of the center of the screen to get your limits.

Keep in mind it shouldn’t be hard-codes for px, but use scale.