Is there any way to monitor whats causing high latency?

Players are constantly getting over the 200~ms in their pings, that had never happened before when I was testing, in fact it never went above 110 so I was wondering if there was some way in the console to find out the cause.

From what I’ve read, it looks very similar to the ping problem in my game.
When did it start happening? Could you include more details?
For more than a week, the players in my game have also been reporting higher latency, when I checked the ping, it oscillated around 500ms (it used to be always below 200 even in large servers). In my case, older servers with more players have worse ping than the fresh ones with few players. I didn’t change anything which could suddenly lead to this, so perhaps it could be a Roblox’s issue?

I too have this issue for both my games, and it came during a time where I wasn’t making any updates. The problem seems to be the client will just stop receiving packets for a while and then start receiving them again.

I would say its a server issue, but the fact is, it doesn’t effect everyone in the server. Plus the people that are effected, can rejoin the exact same server (by using TeleportService to teleport them to the server they are currently in) and sometimes the issue will go away.

By chance does either of your games use the TeleportService? I notice the issue is much more prevalent after a player has been teleported by TeleportService. It also seems to happen in VIP servers often.

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I don’t use the TeleportService. I have also noticed that sometimes the ping can spike to a few seconds for a short moment. Oh, and when I asked my players on Twitter, some of them said that they didn’t notice a difference, which makes me believe that it doesn’t happen always to everyone. I’ve heard of “memory leaks”, but I don’t know if they could be related to this issue in any way.

Edit: Maybe we’ll have to turn this thread into a bug report so the engineers can see it.

A week or two ago, quite a few problems started happening in my game (camera, ping, and even fps). It tends to get laggy after a few hours even before the issue but now it lags right on the beginning.

Nope mine doesn’t.

I believe the same too since some get less than 100 ms ping and some exceeding the 200s.

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