Is there any way to remove faces from shapes using a script?

Hello. I don’t really know if this should go in Scripting Support or Building Support, but I will put it in Scripting Support.

So I am trying to recreate a Minecraft-like game and I would like to remove block faces from blocks that the player won’t see. I am trying to find a way to achieve this, but I would like some help.

If there isn’t a way, how can I achieve this? If there is, you can tell me the method or function that can be used to do this. Either way, please do not spend your time writing an entire script for this.

Have a good day.

This is unfortunately not possible in Roblox. You cannot remove a specific face from a part.

I would make use of Blender for a scenario like this as you can remove specific faces from blocks in that and then import them as meshparts. However, if I’m not mistaken, having tons of meshparts in your game could be pretty laggy especially if you’re going for a Minecraft-esque game

If you’re using basepart cubes as blocks then the faces of the block you don’t see are already unrendered

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I will try this when I get a chance. Thanks.