Is there any way to replace Roblox terrain with another?

I have created a pretty large map with majority grass, with ground as paths and rocky patches. I’m aiming to replace all the grass effortlessly in the map with another terrain, i.e. sand. Are there any scripts or plugins that can do this?


You could use Paint on the Terrain Editor

After doing a quick search on the Roblox library, I stumbled upon a plugin simply named Terrain Converter. I haven’t had the chance to test it, so I don’t know if it’s malicious or even works (I would test it on an empty baseplate just in case it is malicious), but hopefully this helps.


Will check out. Thanks!

Tried it out - works just as I hoped it did, except I have to reopen the window every time I need to paint something. Other than that it is perfect. Thank you!

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You could always use the paint tool , But if you were to change the entire lot of grass the MaterialColors and change the color of the grass , it might not end out to the exact color you may want but it does get the job done!