Is there any way to tell if your game's builds have been stolen using exploits?

The group I develop for has received a lot of hate for it’s name, but never something this big.

Last night, while I was asleep, a player, which admittedly is friends of someone who has relations with us, claimed to have stolen our game’s assets.

I don’t know a lot about this topic, only the fact that Synapse can only steal builds, not scripts, so results this post on the Building Support.

We have found out who his “friend” was and, indeed, he agreed that he does exploit, but that he isn’t sure if he did copy or didn’t copy our builds.

Here come the questions:
Is there any way for me to check if the player in question did / did not steal assets? Another user reported the player staying in game without moving for a long period of time, which makes me believe this actually happened.

Is there any way to prevent this in the future?

And if I find any game which contains our assets / builds, how should I act? Create a Roblox Support ticket? Report the game using the report feature?

Thank you for your time. I’m pretty taken aback by this, so it’ll help me a lot to get some tips on how to handle the situation.

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Hey, There.

I’m very sad that you got your game assets stolen.



You could do that, but you need excessive amount of evidence to prove in fact the assets was stolen.

You can check exploit logs? There’s no really way to find out.

Hopefully, this clear things up for you.

Hello. Thank you for your answer.
Can you clarify please what you meant by exploit logs?

@T3QX Explot logs wont show anything about it, If the map was already stolen the logs are long gone, Theres no actual way from stopping maps getting stolen, Its as simple as it is, Unfortunatly, Theres no way anyone can tell its stolen (unless they find the actual asset (Original). And see its copied etc.

Would the age of the game + the confirmation of the original builder be enough to prove that our game is the original creator of the assets?

Sadly there is no real way to do this, but your builds are owned by you, not them. I’m no lawyer but I think that it’s perfectly possible to do a DMCA takedown on the people stealing the builds.

Hope this helped! If I made any mistakes, please tell me.


I don’t think it’s practical to hire a lawyer and do an entire lawsuit over $15 worth of stolen builds and $10 of stolen scripts.

Maybe if Roblox support can do something about it if I ever find a game that stole our assets.

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ROBLOX Support has a DMCA category, you can use that.

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Alright, So Let me explain how this exploit works.

in studio the user (who can edit the game) sees:

In this test place ive just thrown some models together to explain what is happening,

In this test place Theres the Local scripts & Models that are able to be copied (since the client can see them).

This is what the client sees

(Exploit logs doesnt show anything abt it so far:)

Now I am going to run the saveInstance() command in my exploit (Used for testing purposes)

I have now pressed Execute and the map is downloading. image (Depends on Wifi speed etc this will take me about 5 mins (Wifi speed is abt 0.2kb/s)

The map has now downloaded, It has saved the file to my harddrive.

As you can see the map is about 7mb.

The studio file is 1.2mb, The only difference is the file size (currently).


exploit logs still hasnt shown anything yet.image

Now the difference is the SERVER scripts have not been copied (Will attach place files to this post)

@T3QX As I said exploit logs wont show anything (Even with me running scripts via the executor)
Copy map test.rbxlx (7.6 MB) CopyMapTest_Studio.rbxl (1.2 MB)


The user will be able to decompile the local scripts and see the code, Thats all they can do for the scripts (to view them)
(All typed up quickly due to im abt to go to work)

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