Is there anyone else have issues with RemoteEvents?

I had some code I was working with, and I opened studio today to do my regular testing and it just stopped working…? It’s so hard to explain, I have photos below:

--Local Script
--Server Script
script.Parent.Grab.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, playerinradius)
	print('grab event')


I have legit no clue why this isn’t working, and there’s no errors in the console. Any ideas? Is there like a problem with RemoteEvents right now?

EDIT: Yes the script is butchered a bit to not release some of its code. It’s legit a basic server connection from the client though which is why this is so frustrating and confusing.

RemoteEvents need to be in ReplicatedStorage in order for them to work.

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They don’t need to be in ReplicatedStorage. That is a just common way for the client to communicate to the server.


Potential racing condition, i.e; the RemoteEvent is fired before its listening event is registered.


I’ll look into maybe adding some wait times. Thanks for the suggestion.

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