Is there anything flawed with my game's monetization?

Hey, so I have a game but the ARPPU stats seem to way below average and I don’t know why. They both have reasonably priced dev products and gamepasses, at least compared to the competition. Everything in the stats seems to be normal but because the ARPPU of both of these is low they aren’t being pushed by the algorithm, so does anyone know what’s wrong?

For info, here’s the stats for the obby:

How much did you spend on advertising for the game?

May i ask what the total robux earned is (including the 30% commission). However for some quick reasons as to why it may be it could be due to:

  • It’s an obby which are just historically unprofitable when compared to other genres.
  • The game itself may be flawed which may suggest the absolutely terrible 11 : 32 Like : Dislike ratio is indicative of said flaws and of course the worst your game is the worse the monetisation gets.
  • The gamepasses and dev products may be overpriced for the popularity/quality of your game which also links into the previous reason. I’d suggest experimenting with pricing before you find a sweet spot.