Is there anything I can improve on in my game?

Just finished a basic version of my game and wondered if anyone would be willing to check it out and give me some feedback on things I can improve?

Unfortunately it requires two players to test the actual main function of the game, so if i’m not inside the game when you join you would probably only be able to leave feedback on the map design etc

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Ok, Ill use my alt account (this one) and my main to test it


First off when a new player joins they still have collisions on, so if you try hard you can push them onto the ready platform, Improve the music to make the game more interesting, add lobby, reading, pvp music, I recommend disabling the damage when not swinging the sword or at least reduce it, reduce the damage of the sword as its way to easy to kill someone, add some more decorations, make the pvp platform bigger, Add a countdown not just you spawn in and bam, and i recommend to make the game end at 3 points (first to 3), add a winner and a loser screen for each point, and a golden win for the winner of the game and a blood loser to the looser, I also recommend adding a tutorial / manual on how to add donations (Make sure to include privacy to who can see my invite to off so you could press a button like “auto donation adder”), last thing is to impose the lobby it kinda looks a bit dim, add some more sound effects and add some custom name tag! I hope your game does well!


Thank you very much for your feedback, this is very helpful :slight_smile: