Is there anything I'm doing wrong with this barrel?


I’ve started practicing on blender and I would like know if I’m doing anything wrong with this barrel.



anyways here’s the end result


I think you need to give a bit more detail on what you are trying to acheave.

Art is art. It all depends upon the style of your game. Going for a realistic style game? This probably wouldn’t fit. If it was more cartoony, the low-poly style would work in that context. In my opinion, this barrel looks really sharp and I like it a lot. Just depends on how it’s going to be used.

Hope I was helpful! :slight_smile:

I think the barrel looks really nice! My only critique would be that it could usd some flat shaded textures. You can do that by using the texture paint tab in blender. Hope this helps!


My suggestion to you is to look at reference pictures when you start a project. This goes for anything, building, modeling, and even scripting! My favorite place to look is on ArtStation when it comes to 3D modeling and environment design.

Here's a couple images I found off ArtStation

Also, there’s never a wrong way to create anything. That’s whats art, art! With that being said, practice practice practice!

Extending from person above. Never be afraid to use a reference. It’s always used in modeling and building. Use your resources and have fun!

Alrighty thank you for the tips guys.

But yee I wanted to know if I was doing anything wrong deeper if that makes sense. With the vertices n’ faces or whatever.

Looks like it’s all good judging by the replies.

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Of course! As long as it doesn’t have any flipped normals or artifacting, you’re good!

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Yeah the verts seem good. Better than I can model rn. :slight_smile:

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also this helped me understand a bit if you wanna look at it.