Is there anything like root motion for custom character animations which stops the character from moving while the animation is being played

Hello I have my animation for a custom rigged character and in the animation the character will be moving apart but when the animation is being played from script, the character stays in one place but the animation is being played. Is there anything like a root motion for characters? Al character was rigged from blender!

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Here you can see when i played the anim from a trigger touched event, it stayed at one place

!bump anybody here could help?

Is any error being outputted in the output?

Make sure you’re using an animator and not loading it through the humanoid as that is deprecated and try setting your animation priority higher

i dont think any errors are getting ripped as the animation is being played, only problem is that it as for the anim, the character should move and do the action but when played, it just do the actions and not move

yep tried doing it through the animator but didnt work so i had to use humanoid, also it doesnt have an HRP, is that a problem for this to not work

Yes, add a HumanoidRootPart if you haven’t already and set the PrimaryPart of the model to the HumanoidRootPart and it should work.