Is there anything to add to my map?



Hello, Developers I would like to showcase a map that I made 1 year ago, but I stopped for several reasons, but today I wanted to bring it up and continue the game, but I don’t know where to start therefor I came here to ask some of you guys that are good at building to tell me what should I add to this map

And here are the guis

and can anyone tell me what to change this
because MouseButton1 does not sound perfect should it be Button1 or something else if so could you reply with your option it would help me a lot thanks for reading.


Well first of all, I would make the terrain a lot better than just 5 giant cubes with some trees and rocks on them. Make them look like actual islands; take reference from images of islands and use them as inspiration if you need to. Whether you use a terrain plugin or Roblox smooth terrain is up to you.

Second, your bridges look as if they are being supported by something in the middle when they are not, which makes it look really weird. Maybe you could go back and rebuild the bridges to make a longer one which suits your needs, or add supports so it doesn’t look as strange.

Third, I would just say “Mouse 1” in replacement of “MouseButton1”.


If this really is a “showcase” as you’ve said, I don’t think it’s very attractive. The grass is overly funky and neon and the same goes for the water. Everything is an obnoxious neon colour that reminds me more of Nickelodeon slime than actual terrain. I’m not even sure if terrain is what you’re going for; nowhere on Earth, or probably any fantastical representation of Earth, has islands that are mile-high, monochromatic cubes.

And on the topic of colour, there are only four colours in your whole game: bright green, bright blue, grey, and brown. That’s not a very good idea, especially when a player is forced to look at these bright colours perpetually.

So you’ve asked what you can add to it. My answer: nothing.

What you can or should do is to lower the amount of bright, obnoxious colours, reduce the temerity of the “terrain,” and bring some life and passion into it. Even so, you said yourself you did this a year ago and you stopped for several reasons. In which case, why not just start over from scratch? The entire place looks ubiquitously boring and would be better off redesigned and rebuilt. To do this, Roblox has a multiplicity of new (at least for me lol), modern features such as RGB for bricks, mesh terrain, smooth terrain, decals and textures… there are infinite ways to bring substance to your build and they can really help in giving a game a touch of vitality.

Good luck in whatever you aspire to do with it.


Elevation changes (hills) and some variation in the sizes of trees and rocks (make some WAY bigger) should lead to some noticeable improvements pretty quickly. The biggest issue is probably the lack of variety. It’s all too uniform.

Maybe someone could recommend a model painting/brush plugin that does a good job of varying the size and orientation of models and maybe alternates between a few as it goes.

There’s a lot you can do to improve this, but you don’t have to tackle everything at once. Start with something like the placement/scale of trees or the terrain and try some different things with just those parts until you see something you like. Then move on to something else. Look at what you make both from the viewpoint of the player running around and from way above to see how the parts are working together as a whole.

I think the UI and grid placement stuff looks fine. Bring the nature stuff up to par with that and you are on the right path, IMO.


For the terrain you could go on Blender and use S to scale it inwards. It creates a nice terrain effect. :grin:

And then you could just do anything that comes on mind.


Adding on to this sugggestion here’s some references to build off of:
Triangular terrain tip #1
Triangular terrain tip #2
Triangular terrain tip #3

Lowpoly tip #1


Sorry if I’m saying some of the same stuff other people are saying. I just want to emphasize some stuff.
First you should add do the terrain. It’s very simple. Some suggestions to adding to it: Making it look like it has layers ie.) bottom: rock, middle: dark dirt, next up: lighter dirt, then at the top have grass. It adds a cool little asthetic to the game. Adding some dirt spots as well would look nice to the terrain because realistically if a field isn’t maintained, it isn’t gonna look perfectly green.

The lighting seems to be very bright and green. @HolidayPwner made a very helpful lighting guide for basics. The guide is a little bright but since you do hopefully know some basics with lighting you can obviously adjust that.

Maybe adding different colors to the trees as well would look nice so it isn’t just one color. I do see some different colors but it mostly seems like a specific green.

A problem I can see though is that the trees match the color of the ground. Trees like that can blend in and it will lose some aesthetic to the trees. If you don’t like any of the colors studio provides for you you can always make your own in the properties tab.

Another thing about the trees: Try making it so there are different scales for each tree so it looks less like you copied the same tree over and over.

Don’t think that I’m saying I don’t like it heh. It’s really good and I’m just nagging over it like I always do. Tell me if any of this works and if you have any further questions! :smile:


In my opinion, there is a lot of empty space in your map. Also, between islands, maybe put something there, because it looks pretty bland like that. There are many fixes you can make, but these are some things that caught my eyes right away.

Maybe a change of colors would make your map look better as well.

In addition, a change in lighting would be a good thing. Mess around with lightning until you find something that you find appealing.

On top of that, maybe a change in sky box too? In my opinion, the sky box is to bright in correlation with the lighting. Although they do not necessarily work together, I hope you understand what I mean.


I think the terrain is too bright and the colours need a change. The terrain also needs more than just a flat cube, different levels and stuff to make it look nicer and more interesting are always good.


I think that the biggest fix needed to the map is a new level of detail added to the islands to make them look like islands. Otherwise it looks rushed and plain.


To start I would change the consistancy of the terrain, since right now it is just a big block. You should duplicate the blocks and then split them with, then change the color to mix it up a little.

The UI looks good, the only thing I would change is to move the money sign to the front of the number, and move it closer.

The objects you can place look nice, although they look almost identical to the Miners Haven props.

For the last paart, would change it to “Left Click”, as that would make it easier for younger audiences to understand what it means.


If all of you are talking about machines then i will agree that I used free models as a test and going to be changing them later.


If you introduced materials so that there was a goal aside from ‘use the best setup’ it’d be an improvement imo.

So like, an Iron mine gives you Iron.


Something besides being an island that needs to be added is different levels, high grounds, low grounds, ditches, etc.


There are multiple factors you need to add to this map. I would replace the five boxes, all the trees, rocks, and fences, and replace it with actual islands. I would make the bridge bend over, and come back up once. I would also recommend you. GUI’s is not my specialty; however, I do find multiple flaws in it. I suggest you delete out the blue outline or make it align better with the white. I also recommend you put graphic designs, instead of snipped, blurred shots from the game. Another thing I would add to the GUI’s is rounding up them; this plugin should help with that-


You have created multiple posts on the topic of some of his models being similar to Miner’s Havens models. While that is a blind statement to make this user was taking inspiration like many other developers on the Roblox platform.

Trying to design your first public game can be very intimidating. There’s no doubt about it. Looking at the current status of Roblox today and outside of Roblox it’s about if your public is gonna enjoy your product or not. One’s like DevOfLua might have seen Miner’s Haven as a hit the public enjoyed and wanted to make his own twist on it. So he took inspiration from that game and started a base for it, which he is showing us today. Asking for our input on how he can improve it. Although the “Items” (as referred to in the images) that you seem to be ranting about they may be similar to Miners Haven, but it’s not like he went and exploited the game to steal the models, he went and created them from scratch and put his own style to it. That’s what inspiration is about being inspired and being creative with it.

In today’s world of this whole “Battle Royal” genre or the “Murder” games from past years. Outside: Fortnite, PUBG, Apex. Roblox: Strucid Alpha, Prison Royale, Island Royale, etc. Murder games: Mad Murderer, Twisted Murderer, Murder Mystery, etc. (Tycoons). There all inspiration off one another taking ideas but making it there own hard work in the end.

In a short article I was reading it stated the following:

Existing games can give awesome ideas for video games you are planning to make. Of course, you cannot copy them outright . But using them for inspiration is a perfectly viable option.

This is what this developer and many others in the Roblox platform and outside of it around the world do every day. In the end, there is no reason to attack a Developer on any platform for being creative off another product. The world wouldn’t be what is today if people weren’t allowed to be inspired.



So I’m not sure if you can qualify this as a showcase to begin with. If you’re doing a greybox model, this would be perfectly fine. (It isn’t one though)

Things you can add:

  • More terrain depth, not just blocks.
  • More model coupling, not just randomly spammed meshes.
  • More color, it’s predominantly 5-7 colors right now
  • More effort honestly, the reflected bridge segments feel extremely choppy.
  • Could use some lighting?
  • There’s no theme, the tree styles don’t match one theme, it’s all very very sporadic.
  • There’s no uniqueness to each and every island, feels like it was copy and pasted.



That’s just a Tycoon, but I got some good suggestions.

  1. You could add some brown ground around the islands to make it look more realistic.
  2. Try adding some hills around or more small islands for a decoration.
  3. You can make these trees unique, make them a little taller, change the color of every mesh that is supposed to be leaves.
  4. [OPTIONAL] You can also add huge island a bit far from the Tycoons and make a huge waterfall in scenery.

That’s all from me. :slightly_smiling_face: