Is there anyway I can generate terrain faster?

Ok so I spent 24 hours already doing this with the part to terrain plugin but is there any way I can do this faster because the plugin only allows me to do it one at a time, I do not want to spend another day and night without sleep on this


Could you provide more information? Are you converting parts to terrain one at a time? You are aware you can select all the parts and covert them at the same time

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Yes but you can’t do that with the part to terrain plugin Part to Terrain - Roblox

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can’t you just simply group all of the parts?

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it doesn’t matter because the plugin will still convert one part not the full thing, and I cant make it a union or mesh because the plugin doesn’t support that :confused:

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did you also try it with the roblox studio part to terrain beta feature?

wait how do you do that and is it available for studio? (aka basic studio not the beta one were it will break my potato pc)

in studio press file < press beta features < Find TerrainTools:ConvertToolBeta and check it

what about using the command bar or a script to get the size of each part using :getchildren() and then using Terrain:FillBlock()?

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ok, I will check that out now.

im making a script for you now and im gonna see if it works if it does ill send it to you in text so youll have to copy and paste it

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hey try pasting this into the command bar and pressing enter
this might or might not work depends on the triangles since this is fill block its worth a try though

also name the model of triangles “subject”

local parts = workspace.subject:GetChildren()

for i=1,#parts do

local sizer = parts[i].size

local pos = parts[i].CFrame



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The only issue with that is that it’s still a beta feature and won’t work in game I believe.

That beta feature works in game.

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I have the same problem and the script dont work for me :frowning: