Is there anyway I can improve this build to make it look more deserted?

It’s supposed to look post-apocalyptic. I think I can make it look a bit more post-apocalyptic/deserted. Any tips?


Depends on the kind of apocalypse and how long it’s been.
Usually you’d want broken doors and windows, as people usually try to loot.

If it’s a nuclear apocalypse, you’d want to have the area have a greener tone, making some areas look irradiated. Also, if the apocalypse only happened recently (100 years ago or fewer), you wouldn’t have all the greenery on the house.

If it’s a zombie apocalypse, you don’t need the trees to look all dead. You want to have plant life survive, but make it not look maintained if it’s something like a home’s garden.


It looks good to me. The setting and everything as I can see looks fine, maybe add a water puddle just a little detail, Other than that I have nothing.

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One thing I like to include in builds is something moving. It kind of breaks up the monotony of a bunch of props, even if it the build is already incredible (which this is.) One thing I think you could add to this could be a kind of sandy-wind/gust.

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thanks for the replies, these are a lot of good suggestions.

if you can check out the full game here and give me more suggestions, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi Mer.

I’d recommend adding some elevation to the terrain to represent how terrain has changed without being managed by human hands. The roads should be cracked and unmanaged with different elevations–ie., with some parts thrust into the air as though with an earthquake.

Have some of the streetlamps blown over… and have more streetlamps.

Have more scenery in general. Massive trees that wouldn’t exist in a generic suburban setting, allowed to grow for years.

I also recommend reducing the fog. Right now, it looks almost like a wall, but it should be distant and phantasmal. :slight_smile:

By the way, this is erroneous:


There are several floating bricks here, and the smooth outline of the gap makes the hole seem rather…artificial.

My only input is how models are currently standing. Things I’d assume wouldn’t make it long into an apocalypse seem untouched in your map.

For example, all of the lampposts are standing undamaged. Maybe bend a few or tip some other?
Same with trees and buildings.

May also be worthwhile to turn a van on it’s side or flip another car over, as they’re all currently upright.

Aside from that, it looks great and I really get the atmosphere you’re going for on this map!

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Thanks, the image you showed me will be removed entirely.

As for everything else :slight_smile:

-there’s already a lot of terrain changed ‘without human hands’. It’s literally everywhere.

-the roads have been damaged, the texture on the road may not reflect that but I’ve added in several sinkholes and decals but I understand what you mean

-there are several blown over streetlamps

-there are about two hundred trees in the game so far and some of them are very big.

-the fog looks like a wall because of the skybox, unfortunately, fog in Roblox hasn’t changed much.

I appreciate all criticism but most of the things you outlined are already there.

thank you,

the lamp posts are damaged (corroded) but you can’t see that in the screenshot.

I will add some tipped over vehicles.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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I am not convicting you. I am merely answering your query of how to improve the place to make it look more deserted.

If you have already done the things that I have mentioned, it means you should do it more to create a more authentic feeling. I have looked at the game and while it looks fine, the place is still relatively flat. The trees, especially in the images provided, look relatively small. The FogStart can be changed to create a more realistic fog setting as well as the skybox being made more into a light-dark gradient (from bottom to top). A moving part with cloud decals can be added above to create the idea of transparent clouds.

There are countless ways to improve your game and make it more realistic, and just because I have suggested a few ways that may already be utilised does not mean that they do not need to be improved upon. I am answering your question, not insulting your game.


It looks post-apocalyptic but empty and flat, so not quite the deserted look. You can definitely do more to make a lived in feeling, stuff like:

  • The roads are too clean, add debris, more cars - buses would be cool, potholes and manhole covers.
  • The houses could use more detail like destroyed paths, more fences, a path to the garage.
  • At this rate without human intervention you can add sinkholes, exposed sewage pipes, more grass around the area.

There’s a cool documentary called Life After People that shows some effects on what happens in the post-apocalyptic world, though it may be beyond the scope of the time the game is set in.
just my $0.02 usd

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Thanks, I’ve since added most of the things you mentioned.