Is there anyway to load a custom character with LoadCharacter

Basically I need to use LoadCharacter()
And I need to load a custom/Certain character.

Is there anyway to do this?

LoadCharacter() uses a HumanoidDescription to load a character.
Just create a new HumanoidDescription, and start modifying the properties to whatever you want them to be.
If you don’t want to add every single accessory yourself, and you have an outfit that you want to copy, then you could use GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId()

 local HumanoidDescription = game:GetService("Players"):GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(USERIDHERE)
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Im trying to do this.

How it says to do this you have to do

 local hd ='HumanoidDescription')
hd.Character = mychar

Only problem is there is no CHARACTER value for the hd

HumanoidDescription has properties for accessories, animations, bodycolors, etc. That you would either need to grab from a character (Using PlayerService:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId() as I stated before) OR by adding the ID’s in a comma seperated string yourself.


local HumanoidDescription ="HumanoidDescription")
HumanoidDescription.HatAccessory = "6203840248,4962613368" -- 2 seperate id's seperated by commas.


Another way is to just make a rig yourself and name it “StarterCharacter”, then put it under StarterPlayer. It’s just that using StarterCharacter doesn’t have the flexibility that HumanoidDescriptions do.

Edit: I used “LoadDescription” instead of “ApplyDescription” because I didn’t actually check to see if it was correct. Lesson learned! Always double check what you send! AND TEST YOUR CODE!

if I do this and I already have a StarterCharacter wont it not work?

I can’t believe I got it wrong TWICE.
I am so sorry, but it should be ApplyDescription()
and not LoadDescription() or LoadCharacter().
I was writing this in plain text and not testing my code in studio. I apologize.

Also yes, if you use ApplyDescription() it should override your startercharacter.

Ok so I have a character already in game right?
And I need to put all the data the hats the everything into the HD

Is there anyway to do this?
Also thanks for all the help!

As I listed in the example above, you can just change the properties and then load the description onto the Humanoid.

local HumanoidDescription ="HumanoidDescription")
HumanoidDescription.HatAccessory = "6203840248,4962613368" -- 2 seperate id's seperated by commas.


Just make sure that this is on a server script as it will not work on the client.

I just thought on how this will not work for me.

If I use this the character will not have any effects or whatever I want to add. I dont want to do all of this manually.

I need A way to do this like changing the StarterCharacter, without creating a new character. basically just take a character that’s in server storage or whatever, clone it. and then make it the character

yes, all you need to do is reassign the character to the new model you want to use. Like the example below:

		local starterCharacterModel = ServerStorage.starterCharacterModel
		local newModel = starterCharacterModel:Clone()
		newModel.Name = player.Name
		newClientAnimations.Parent = newModel
		local oldCFrame = oldModel:GetPrimaryPartCFrame()
		player.Character = newModel
		player.Character.Parent = EntityDirectory -- this follows current character loading behavior

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Could you show me your code? I’m not sure what you mean by “char is the new character”

Oh wait. So srry. I just realized this is a different topic then I thought! I will see if you were right

So sorry!

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Yes this works thank you!

The reason I didn’t do this is cause I was expecting the camera to brake. IDK it usually it happens,
but it didn’t so thanks!

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Sense you seem to know about all this character stuff.
Do you think you could help me with this?
I have like no idea why this is happening


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