Is there anyway to make something like this?

I’m trying to make a sail effect. I’ve got everything working I’m the background except the sail itself. This is because I have no idea on how to make it look realistic and nice.

Basically, how would I make a part that can look like a sail?

(Something like this. The picture on the left would be if the boat is moving, the picture on the right would be if the boat is still which isn’t that accurate but just here for reference)

Perhaps a beam would help? Or is it specifically a part idea you’re looking for?

Beams allow you to edit their curve size from Attachment to Attachment.


Do you mean you want the ‘fabric’ of the sail to move with the wind?
You could try a skinned mesh.

You can Use
-Skinned Mesh

there are many ways
but how do you want this works? Wind physics?
sure u need to make the wind first

How bout this?

I’ll try using skinned meshes and I’ll also try to animate it