Is there anyway to rig hydraulic/pistons that follows one another on roblox?

ive been making mech/robotic models on blender and importing them to roblox, though i want to rig them where one part of a piston follows another.

for example

in this rig i made on blender, i used the track to bone constraint to get this effect

i don’t know if you can do something like this on roblox,
ive tried importing the rig to roblox though the effect isn’t there
ive also searched on the dev forum and haven’t found anything

if anyone can help it would be cool

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This is done using roblox’s built in constraint system. You will need each moving part to be separate, so they cannot be a single mesh if they need to move dynamically (mesh-deformation is currently only available for animations).
This specific setup will require hinge constraints and prismatic constraints.

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i messed around a bit and got it working the way i want it to