Is there going to be a Roadmap 2019?


The Roadmap of 2018 was a great step in the right direction for transparency of Roblox, I and I’m sure many others would like to see a comeback for 2019. Right now, there is only one item listed.


cc @Sorcus


We’re not even one week into 2019 yet. I’m sure many of Roblox’s staff are still on vacation. They probably haven’t had time to work on this 100% yet.

I’m sure once Roblox has their priorities set they’ll present us a 2019 roadmap.


I’m sure they’ll be adding more features on the Roadmap. Reminder that the 2018 roadmap came after RDC, so it may not be instantaneously updated. I’d think that staff could use the nudge though!


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