Update the Roadmap for 2019


The Roadmap of 2018 was a great step in the right direction for transparency of Roblox, I and I’m sure many others would like to see a comeback for 2019. Right now, there is only one item listed.

See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap
Update the Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

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We’re not even one week into 2019 yet. I’m sure many of Roblox’s staff are still on vacation. They probably haven’t had time to work on this 100% yet.

I’m sure once Roblox has their priorities set they’ll present us a 2019 roadmap.


I’m sure they’ll be adding more features on the Roadmap. Reminder that the 2018 roadmap came after RDC, so it may not be instantaneously updated. I’d think that staff could use the nudge though!


The Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap was insanely useful to developers when it came out. It allowed us to start conceptually planning for big features such as cross-server messaging. The transparency was greatly appreciated.

However, it appears that the roadmap hasn’t been updated in a long time. “New Lighting System” is still marked as “On Track” despite it already releasing. Level-of-Detail meshes are marked as “On Track” even though it was targeted for 4th quarter of 2018, which has long elapsed.

“Cross-Server Messaging” is the only feature listed for all of this year, even though we’re already two months into 2019.

It likely took a coordinated effort to put together and maintain the high-level roadmap last year, but that effort was worth the increased transparency and accountability, not to mention the insane level of hype it gave developers.

Please make this push again to keep the roadmap updated for 2019.


The “New Lighting System” might be kept “On Track” until Future is Bright (Phase 3) releases. In that case, it should be moved to the 2019 roadmap. Agreed on the rest.


Over the years, I’ve noticed Roblox’s habit of neglecting and starting new change logs. Bit of quick history (as far as I’m aware):

The first official change log was a page on the old wiki. (appx. 8/21/14-6/10/16)

It was later migrated to a Devforum thread, but that ended abruptly. (appx. 6/3/16-3/10/17)

Release Notes have been around for a while, although I’m unable to pin a start date since 308 is the earliest version that I can find. They are currently the most consistent sources of information on platform changes, having effectively replaced all preceding change logs, but their flags are not always accurate.

The Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap was introduced in June 2018 to provide more transparency on Roblox’s future plans and progress on upcoming features. As this thread brings up, it also features the 2019 Roadmap, but it is no longer up-to-date.

Overall, Roblox really needs to be better at maintaining its change logs. It’s important that developers are able to anticipate future changes and know when new ones are live, it’s nice to have an organized list of changes/upcoming features.


As we continue to move forward in 2019, our own internal roadmaps are constantly evolving. We know that the High-Level Roadmap is important to all of you, and we will look at updating it in the coming weeks.


Can we get some sort of update for this documentation to come out? I’m very curious to find out when Phase 2 would be coming out for FIB.