Is there no "ObjectValue" attribute?

I want to access a specific object via a script as defined by an attribute, but this does not seem to be possible?

Is there no way to make an “ObjectValue” attribute?

For example:

exampleObject = game.Workspace.Example:GetAttribute("ExampleObject")

print(exampleObject.Name, exampleObject.ClassName, exampleObject.Parent)

Lets say the ExampleObject attribute is set to a part in workspace, it should then output the result

Part Part Workspace

This already exists in the form of the ObjectValue instance, but i would rather use attributes as they are “cleaner”.


I couldn’t find anyone else talking about this either, which is strange cause this looks to me like a simple and obvious feature that is missing.

This may be a better fit for the Feature Requests>Studio Features category, but i don’t have the ability to post there.


No, Roblox currently supports these datatypes as Attributes:

Supported Types

You can store the following types/values in attributes:

(Instance Attributes | Roblox Creator Documentation)