Is there some way to make 3D models and realism as good as Blender ones?

Is there some tricks to make 3D models and Lighting as good as the blender ones? When I am saying that I mean 3D models of Roblox Studio, not inported from Blender.


You’ve got to elaborate a bit more, but do you mean how to make the lighting in Roblox as good as blender lighting or how to make actual 3D models in Roblox that are higher quality that you can make in Blender and put into Roblox or do you mean something else?


It depends on your skill and what you expect to get from a Blender Mesh.

If you are talking about items with simple shapes made of wedges, parts, spheres and cylinders then either one would produce the same result.
If you are talking about intricate models with high detail and lots of small items then sure, you can use a good model built in Studio, but something made in Blender would be easier to build and be less intense for your computer to render while playing.


i dont really understand what you me, do you mean u want a blender alternative?


Both, I want to know if there is some tricks to make 3D models as good as the blender ones. Lighting also fits on this question, is there a way to make realistic games on Roblox that can " fight head on" with Blender? Thank you in advance!

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But is that efficient? Because imagine making something like a realistic humanoid that can be made on Blender but you made that on Roblox Studio, the ammount of parts and triangles is an absurd.

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i recommend RoBuilder for getting an understanding of blender and some other youtubers for the basics, im not very familiar with any other modelling softwares.


Exactly what I said in my 3rd sentence.

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For modelling, the key is time, taking take will help you build good models, but you’ll have to use lots of parts, unions and more depending on what you make, but I suggest you learn blender because you have lots of tools and you can build more realistic things and it is a lot more performant than using Roblox parts. It is quite easy once you learn the controls.

As of lighting, I am not really sure.


Thank you for all the responses!

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If I’m understanding correctly you wanna make a game that looks as good as a GFX made in blender? If I’m wrong please correct me.

How would I make one?

Find some custom textures or rocks on Toolbox with realistic textures. If you want to add some more detail find some vegetation Roblox has upload packs that are specifically used for realism.


Thank you! I am going to make use of that.

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Roblox has uploaded some pack up for grabs to help people make realistic games. You can find these by searching up Roblox as the creator in toolbox then use the other search bar to look up “pack”.