Is there way to make an outline for a cylinder/mesh without using blender?

I am currently trying to make something where I would like an outline of a part. Normally selection boxes would work but I am using meshes and cylinders which selection boxes do not go on smoothly and maintain the circle and box shape. I have heard of people using blender to make smooth outlines for these objects but I am not experienced in blender at all and would like to avoid it. Is there any way I can make a smoother outline for these type of shapes in studio?


In this picture you can see the lighter part in the middle with a more blueish outline to it. This is what I want it to look like. Transparency doesn’t work for me because I want the outline to be non transparent too.

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I don’t know much about about blender, but you can you the material “ForceField”.

I kind of works, its the only thing I can think of, sorry.

(Image of one):


I hope this helped. :slight_smile:


Thanks for helping, but I want the outline to not be transparent.

i think someone made a mesh in the toolbox that is similar to the thing you want to do. it might not be perfect, but it’s an inverted cylinder. you could put a normal cylinder inside it and make it slightly smaller than the outline and you will end up with this:

here is the link to it incase u want to use this method: cylinder1 / cylinder2 (rounder edges)