Is third-party commissions still a thing?

Am working on a side experiment, and was wondering if third-party in-game sells will still give the Game Owner 10% of the total sales for commissions. Would feel major defeat if I go through all this work for it to not work as previously expecting.

Last time I checked it still worked but you can also easily test this yourself.

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Thats if you got Robux/Money to spare. I would test it myself, but I already budgeted my limited amount of ROBUX for specific services/projects. If I use even 10 of it, it would require me to sacrifice a service I provide. It may sound like a stupid excuse, but its true. I run a very tight ship with my budgeting. (mainly cause I don’t make a lot rn)

I doubt they changed it in the past month.
It works for both hats/gears but also for clothes uploaded by other people.

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Cool, that’s all I needed to know. Thanks for the information.