Is this a bad cafe design?

The person who hired me for his comission is saying this is a bad design. I said to him that we should ask what Roblox Devforum thinks of it. So, here are some images of it:

Link: Rooftop Cafe - Roblox


In YOUR opinion, is this a bad design?
  • Yes
  • No

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It is a good design,

But you should add more things around

This seems empty, are you planning on adding plants, or paintings in that area?


I probably should tbh. I’ll do that.
I’m gonna see what other feedback rolls in as well though.

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this is pretty fantastic looking, but as h_unt said, more stuff should be added and it would look amazing for a cafe game.

It’s a cool design, but it’s very abstract, and feels fairly empty.

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Not bad, it just needs more detail and some contrasting colors to really make the build pop!


I don’t think it is bad. Could be better though.

Try asking him for a theme color. If he wants orange, keep it the same. If he says blue, change it to blue.

You should probably put chairs and tables inside. Fill it with a counter and ask him what he wants inside.

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This is a great design, if they don’t like it then they can make a cafe map for themselves

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It’s not a bad design, but I recommend adding i Lot more detail.