Is this a bug or is it my mistake?

Hello there,

I need help. I have a GUI in my game called MainGui and before, my game loaded fine but for some reason, when I enabled it and started the game, the game didn’t load. and even though I disabled it, it still does the same thing. Is this a bug in Roblox Studio or is it my mistake? Thank you.

Note: I don’t know how to script but, I might be able to understand some basic code.

Also, If I put this post in the wrong section, instead of reporting me can you please tell me where should I put this topic because I couldn’t a good category that I can put this topic in.

You Enabled it. But Disabled it?
How exactly are you Enabling the UI?

They are probs using the enable properity lol.

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If you go to the GUI, you can enable it in the properties.

Is there anything in the output by any chance?

Do you have any code at all in the GUI? Is this a free model at all?

Yes. I do have code in the GUI

Mind sending it here because this may be causing the issue possibly.

Ok, I will send all of the code in the GUI.

Actually, instead, go to Ruddev’s Battle Royale because my game is a modified version Ruddev’s Battle Royale and it’s open source.

Here is ruddev’s battle royale:

Actually, never mind. My game now loaded

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