Is this a decent loading screen?

The ‘Consider sharing this game to your friends’ text changes. It’s a huge list of tips and tricks for the game and some promotional stuff such as "Join our group’ and whatnot.

The game is somewhat ‘scary’ but it’s just zombies. There will be zombies in the loading screen later, they aren’t scripted yet.

Could this be improved though? Please let me know what I can do.


I like the loading screen, I guess it deserves better than a decent loading screen, with the background and the theme of the game.

I’d say it’s good but could change up the scenery with some nice lighting and other props.

But hey, great work! :+1:


With the background, who could go wrong, its amazing. Although the buttons could be improved as maybe expanded and the white text to be in a gray box as well. There should be an update log button right below the tutorial and the play button stretching across underneath both of them. Other than that it looks really good, keep up the great work!

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I will be adding the update log under them, but making them all have grey backgrounds would make them all seem like buttons.

Should I add on the left side like a “Dev Note” thing? Or would that be annoying?

What lighting suggestions do you have? The city-ish background doesn’t have power but there are generators. If you have any other ideas for sources of light let me know!

Also for props, do you have any ideas? I’m going to add traffic cones (just like 2), but other ideas would be nice to know.

I feel the UI design, is kinda, empty
Maybe you can, add like, some other color, a yellow would fit good!
For example, making like a background for the roundify things.


I don’t think yellow (or any shade of yellow) looks good. Even with black text.

Also I’m open to suggestions but I don’t know what “a background for the roundify things” means. Do you have an example?

I guess you could add some sort of light in the background, or like flickering lights in the windows, just for some spookiness… :eyes:

Some props you could add is some trash on the road/sidewalk, and maybe some fire-starting or sparking in the middle of the street. It would be about it for both the lighting and props!


Added an update log. Hopefully it looks good.

Nonon, I mean, something like adding a ‘topbar’ on the icons, and maybe, using mouseenter to change the color to yellow when the player is hovering!

By adding a ‘topbar’ on the icons, do you mean something like this? It’s super ugly but I made it in a few seconds just for an example.

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maybe add some survivors walking through the screen
or maybe a manaquin with 3-4 survivors in the middle shooting zombies in slow mo and the screen rotates around them.
just a suggestion

No, not what I mean, I’ll show you! image

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So like a bar at the top of the button?

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I’d love to do this but that’d be so much scripting. Maybe in the future.

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i agree
its best to start out small then expand
after you get a good fanbase post ads of codes or something that will cath a players attention
best of luck


It looks amazing, I would think it is very good if I were to join the game and see it.

Good loading screen, but I would suggest making it a bit larger as it is pretty small right now, overall it looks good but just seeing the size of it makes it not look as good as possible, otherwise good job making this.

I like the theme! Maybe have the loading buttons a bit bigger as they are a bit small, :slight_smile: