Is this a glitch or is this an actual update to the homepage

I was looking at some games and when I clicked play it didn’t work so I restarted my computer and when I opened Roblox on my browser I came to contact with this:

This is the home page, I hate it its weird please bring back the old layout I like seeing all the experiences displayed at once but now I have to witness this. its annoying having to click when the old layout provided options where you could see with your eyes and if you found the genre cool then you could see more now you have to click one of these options to see what games you can play and it over all makes the page look bland

It looks normal for me, could it be something on your end?


I dont think so I reseted my page and its still there

it’s not cofmortable for me, not cool roblox home page now

You really blamed Roblox for a possible network error?


I really hope my computer is just lagging then this actually being an update
oh I can see my title is quite appearing to blame one sec I shall change it to more appropriately fit the situation

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I still wish it would say something about an error instead of putting nothing. Refreshing the page should fix the error.

its just an error thankfully, something about the games themselves not loading (idk i dont work on websites) just refresh and it’ll fix

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I restarted my computer and now Im gonna cry because I have the friend activity bar on all my experiences I didn’t get the update for it but now I do have it, it was probably updating the homepage for me since I didn’t have the friend activity bar before on this account specifically


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