Is this a good add?

Hello! So I recently made an add for my Team work obby called Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Is this a good add for it?

Same with this


First Ad: Graphics wise it looks pretty good especially the first ad. Of course you could hire a gfx, but it is good in that perspective.

The second ad, is kind of bland. It does give you a general idea but maybe adding some effects or a simple background could pep it up a bit.

Do note the black star is cut off in the logo right here.


So I should fix up the first add and then run them both?

If you feel like thats what you need to do, do it. Though how much is your budget for this campaign?

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oof, cant find the original edit I made the first one

Its kinda low rn, 141

Im going to put 100 inside of the first add and then 40 on the next one ( I would do 50 but 10 is Still pending )


Honestly the most clicks you will get from this would be something like 100. And thats the most clicks you can get. Unless you can find more money its going to be hard to get anyone to notice this game. I was going to say you should test it with a low amount, but it seems a low amount is what you got.

Do you have a social media base like a social server or anything?

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no, I dont have any type of fan base

Another problem is that its a 2 player game. Lets say player 1 sees your ad and clicks on it. He looks around and waits… he gets bored after 30 seconds and leaves. player 2 clicks your ad, but player 1 already left. So player 2 is also waiting around… She leaves too.

Player 3 and Player 4 both see your ads. They click on it and they do a few stages and it goes well.

Player 5 saw the game in his friends recently playing because he is friends with player 2. Player 5 joins the game. There are now 3 concurent players. But player 5 cant play the game because player 3 and 4 are already on stage 7, player 5 was left behind. Player 5 decides to look around a bit.

Player 4 has to go eat dinner, leaving player 3 with nobody to play with except player 5. But player 5 is all the way at the beginning. So player 3 has to restart. After player 5 and 3 do a few stages. One of them gets bored and leaves. The other is left with nothing to do but leave too.

Anyways, the point im trying to make is that with such a low budget on a 2 player game it will be hard to find players who will stay in the game with nothing to do.

I was just in the game and well… nobodys there. so i left.

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Should I run the adds???

If you think you should. Go for it. You never know people get lucky alot. Anyways it can also serve as a starting experiment. Tell me which ad goes better after a day.

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Im going to play games with other players and maybe make different accounts so players can feel like their playing with someone, also Im making a 1 player mode soon!

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Ok, Thanks!

yeah if you are able to stay in your game for a good time while the ads are running you are sure to run into someone.

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