Is this a good click button?

Hey, i’m working on a Bubble Gum Simulator-Like Game, i personaly don’t like the feature bgs had so i tried to make it myself:

Immagine 2024-06-03 172234

But as you see it looks like this. Is it good or bad? Should i remake it and if i do what and how do i remake it?

EDIT: what bgs has:
Immagine 2024-06-03 172625
Immagine 2024-06-03 172713

In my opinion, the “Blow Bubbles” text feels a little in the way/not needed. Also maybe add a glow around the button? But I don’t know

The button looks good tho! If you did nothing, I think it would be fine. Also good ui animations could improve it

i added animations and it looks kind-of good! i wish i could show you but thanks for the feedback!

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This click button looks good! Nice job on it!