Is this a good game idea?

I like TreeLands, but since it’s not getting any updates, I decided to try making a similiar game.

In the game, you will be collecting fruits or mining ores and selling them, to buy new vehicles (for hauling fruits and ores) or upgrade your pickaxe.

The problem

I’ve already done most of the scripting, and I’m concerned whether or not the game will be interesting to play in.

What do you think about it? Should I continue making it or should I not?
Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful!


The game will surely be interesting! Many people like open world games! Maybe add building and features in which the player can personalise their space! Many people like that sort of freedom!

I would surely play it :wink: I would love to be notified when it comes out!


Could be a great comeback to the players who played/liked it a lot!

Your game could get onto the front page if your game is fun and interesting to the players.

Goodluck on the game if your willing to make it :wink:


Hey, treelands is one of my favourite games, if you want to you can let us test it and I’ll give you my feedback if you want.

My Discord: RBLXFrodan#0404


I used to love playing that game it’s just awesome stuff despite being a bit repetitive it was really satisfying.
It’s generally a good idea but it’s also a good idea to add some twists to it, such as a variety of different fruits, vegetables, and ores that you unlock the further you play.
Good luck in case you wanna do that.

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This style would most likely be a simulator, except next level. I guarantee people would enjoy playing with that idea.


Every idea is a good one in some way!

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