Is this a good tree model(doesn't cause lag)?

This is my second time ever making something on blender (the first being a tutorial donut) and my goal is to make a simple tree model that can be spread throughout the map without lagging. I made it two meshes so i can paint the trunk brown and leaves green.

I have a few questions:

  • Did i make it too simple?

  • Should i add materials, textures to the mesh?

  • Should i have CanCollide on? Does Massless make any difference? I’m already gonna turn off CanTouch.

  • Does it look ok? i’m not trying to make anything beautiful but i don’t want to ruin the look of my game.

  • If that’s the case, should i just use parts?


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I think that the tree looks fine. Using textures will definitely help. Massless to my knowledge doesnt affect performance unless you use physic but you can turn it off to see if it does afffect performance. DONT USE PARTS for complex models. Turn off can collide, can touch and can query. Hope this help.

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Would you personally also remove CanCollide from the tree trunks?

i mean if you go for realism, I wouldnt but if it a tycoon or whatever that doesnt requires the realistic side of things then remove cancollide will be a significant boost for performance.