Is this a problem with my choice of thumbnails? What's making this "inappropriate"?

Basically, I’m trying to make a thumbnail for a model I made. And for some reason it doesn’t let me actually upload it.

Warnings I get

This is the model that is shown in the thumbnail. I don’t see anything wrong with this other than the fact its a gun.
This problem only appears when I am making a gun of any sort. The only way I can “bypass” this is by making the thumbnail camera show thin air which isn’t optimal.

If any of you find a solution, I will be thankful. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

It may be the name, not the image itself.

I’m not sure but using the word Syrian in the name may not be allowed.

Or it could be the fact that half the name is made up of letters, numbers, dashes, and periods, which probably triggers the moderation bots because people try to hide inappropriate words using those items together.


I am sure it isn’t that, as I can’t change the literal image name other than the name itself.

That’s very possible. I’ll try without the symbols this time.

Update: Seemingly works without problems, till anything arises I’ll mark this as a solution. Thanks!

If the words Syrian Style_Image aren’t in the model name, where are they coming from in Roblox’s warning?

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It used to be named “Syrian Style” due to it being used to literally welded to the weapon and it reminded of Syrian DIY AKs.
I don’t know why it doesn’t want to update but I can’t do much about it.

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Update, for some reason it gave the moderation note in Spanish this time. Pretty sure its due to it being a gun or something. @Scottifly

There are so many gun models, I can’t see it being the problem.

You may be able to appeal, or at least ask for the reason why it’s inappropriate.
From what I hear it usually gives you a bot reply, but others have said if you keep trying or are actually able to contact a human they may actually have a look at it.

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Alright, I’ll try messaging Roblox Support later. The policies changed recently and I have no idea what is considered inappropriate anymore.

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