Is this a Roblox save server error?

502: API Services rejected request with error: HTTP 0 (CURL error (curl_easy_perform): Timeout was reached (28))

My saving works, but I’ve been getting a surge of this suddenly.
What can cause this to happen?

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Ahhh yes, the good o datastore errors.

first off, Are you using this function to ensure you’re in the rate limits of the datastore?

I ran into some backend datastore limits not to long ago, and it didn’t properly error, so could be the same thing. I checked my own stats, and it seems to be fine as of right now, did you get the errors within the last hour?

My rate limit is extremely plentiful. I only load and save data when players join & leave, respectively. I was getting several errors here and there, recently, but a LOT on Saturday.

yes, it seems saturdays quite often enough get these issues

If you do again, post on that that.