Is this a selection box or what else?

Hello developers,

So I see a game in Roblox, having this design.

So I noticed all blocks in the game and even ladder have this design, so basically is this a thing which you can add or is it multiple blocks from each side.

Like there is not much lag in the game and even alot better from lag, if this not a part then what else can it be? please reply

Most likely this is done with multiple parts
if you want to use this part circled in red (Which is called a TrussPart)
in Roblox Studio you have to insert it using the insert object toolbar found in the model tab OR by pressing CTRL + I on your keyboard then typing in what you want to insert

probably a texture/decal it cant be multiple parts because many parts will affect performance

but many decals don’t affect performance?

yes but its not laggy with design to

It will not be laggy, Parts and TrussParts are built into the engine so you can have alot of them without affecting performance too much.
Using decals for an effect like that would be a waste of game memory.

Oh so I can use many parts? Like my obby has 150 stages and stage blocks means alott of blocks it don’t lag right

Yeah it should be fine for the most part

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alright here is my game btw i will make all the stud part smooth