Is this advertising plan good?

I plan to spend 70% of my advertising budget on sponsorships (45% - Phone, 45% - Tablet, 10% - Computer) and the remaining 30% split between 1 of every shape of ad (10% for each ad shape/type).

Is this a good idea? Do you think that this will maximize who sees my game (from a statistical POV)?

Hey there!

I could agree with this but also disagree.
Your budgets seem good, but the platform differences can vary.

  • If your game is targeting a Mobile Platform, then your current plan is golden.
  • If your game is targeting a PC/Console Platform, then focus more on those and a bit less on mobile.
  • If you intend to target all platforms, you should plan to go with something like
    33.3% for each one (or 25% for each if you plan to advertise on Console as well)

I plan to target mobile and PC so how’s this revision:

70% sponsorships: 33% - Phone, 33% - Tablet, 33% - Computer
30% ads: 1 of every shape of ad (10% for each ad shape/type)

This was chosen based on how I’ve heard that ads work less than sponsorships plus mobile users can’t even see ads.

That seems pretty good!
Im not a professional in this type of stuff, But I have released ads before with thousands of views/clicks, by releasing in different sizes etc. I hope your game gets successful and your plan works out!

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sorry for the second reply but if mobile users cant see them then maybe consider boosting the Computer percentage and decreasing both mobile percentages (maybe like 60-70% PC and 15-20% for mobile/tablet?)

Getting sponsors is also a great idea to help get you on the front page.

Sorry, I meant to say mobile users can’t see ads.

Its okay, also how I said ‘Getting sponsors is also a great idea to help get you on the front page.’ in my last reply, I confused the word sponsors with advertisements for some reason :joy:

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