Is this against ToS?


I am making a car based game, and there is a way to compete in a head to head race (1v1 race) But, I want there to be a way for the players to earn money from the race.


Is it possible for the players to make a “bet” on who will win, or like a fee.
I know gambling is against ToS, but this isn’t really considered gambling. Right?

Please tell me you opinion on this down below!


It’s only against ToS if the currency is purchasable with Robux. As long as you have separate currencies used for separate things that aren’t convertible, you should be fine with a betting system. Otherwise, there’s really no way around the rule.


Okay thanks. But would it be allowed to award a token for every 10 minutes played, that can be used to “bet” on a head-to-head race? I plan on making that token availible to trade in for cash, but you cannot buy the token with cash or robux.

Yeah, that’s fine.

As long as players cannot spend robux to gamble/bet, you’re good.

(in a nutshell)


I’m curious about this as well.
If you can not exchange the in-game currency back into Robux, is it still not allowed?

It doesn’t matter if you can exchange it into Robux (that would be violating a different rule), it matters if you can turn Robux into it.


This should be at #discussion as it’s a topic asking over something.

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As I don’t wanna sound rude :cowboy_hat_face:, if the “bet” is based with in-game currency and as long as it’s not purchasable with robux, I’m almost sure it’s not considered “gambling” or against the ToS.


Just make sure that the bet isn’t done with Robux or currency that is purchasable with Robux… I’d suggest you make betting credits an entirely different currency that you can create an exchange for. I.e exchange bet credit for money, but not money for bet credit